Hypnobirthing, for a Fearless Birth

Teaching mothers of Essex to own their births, with KG Hypnobirthing techniques

Essex Hypnobirthing classes

As a fully qualified KG Hypnobirthing Essex teacher, I feel hugely passionate about spreading the word on this fantastic, yet logical method of Hypnobirthing. Chelmsford is where I call home, so I tend to practise in and around that area. I offer private classes, in the comfort of your own home or group classes consisting of no more than four couples per session.

Hypnobirthing was a vital and empowering part of my transition into motherhood. Ten years and three children later, teaching the technique has been a truly rewarding experience. Helping couples prepare to welcome their babies into the world is an honour; one that feel privileged to have.  I am here to promote positive birth experiences; the full spectrum of how your baby makes their way into the world, be that an elective Caesarean or a drug-free, home water birth – whatever floats your boat. Fearless, informed and empowered birth is my thing.

Your Fearless Birth hypnobirthing teacher

I’m a mum of three with a background in performance. Pre-kids life consisted of auditions, occasional acting jobs and a lot of temping! I was a stay at home mum for a good chunk of my three little poppets’ lives. 2017 saw my last little one embark on school life; cue Mummy’s chance to retrain and re-enter the world of work. Teaching Hypnobirthing ticks all the boxes for me; I get to talk all things birth and positivity; I can work around my family life AND I have the pleasure of meeting and working with parents during the most beautiful and exciting time in their lives – lucky me!

Why KG Hypnobirthing?

KG Hypnobirthing is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. As the daughter and niece of two fantastic midwives, that’s the ultimate stamp of approval. Katherine Graves‘ methods work. Pure and simple. It is a logical, straightforward and effective course in preparation for birth. You will learn about the physiological side of labour and birth; how the body and hormones work in sync to allow this process to happen. But also you will learn about the mind, and the psychology behind Hypnobirthing. The body follows where the mind leads!

Katharine Graves

Katharine Graves


Katharine Graves, leading hypnobirthing teacher, is the founder of KGHypnobirthing the original UK Hypnobirthing.

She has personally taught KGHypnobirthing to over 2000 couples, and has trained over 400 KGHypnobirthing teachers, over 200 of them being midwives.

I was taken from a stressed out 10, to a fearless mother-to-be. I would recommend Fearless Birth to anyone.

Sarah Barnes

Director, Inula Beauty - 11 February 2018


Reduction in labour time


Require no medication


Reduction in post natal depression